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Safetica security software offers a full DLP (Data Leak Prevention) solution which covers a wide range of security threats that originate from a common source – the human factor. Safetica defends against planned or accidental data leaks, malicious insider actions, productivity issues, BYOD dangers and more. Safetica’s security philosophy is based on three pillars: completeness, flexibility and ease of use. Safetica provides a full-fledged corporate level Data Leak Prevention solution, giving management complete activity reports and enforcing company security policies on user activities. Safetica offers a full set of security tools in a single software package which would otherwise require several security solutions from different vendors

Key Features

Complete Data Leak Prevention 

Safetica covers all data leaks channels while being easy to install and operate. See Endpoint Events Coverage for proof of Safetica's comprehensive coverage. 

Trends & Productivity Profiling

Warns company management in the event of sudden changes in employee activity and shows productivity changes by department over time. Both changes are indications of possible security risks. 

Activity Reporting

Uncovers security breaches on many fronts by checking all user activities for signs of potential danger, even before the actual transfer of data.

E-mail DLP

Ensures protected data stays out of the wrong mailbox. Records where sensitive files have been sent and stores this information for future report.

Application Control with Time Rules

Enables selected package of work related applications and blocks others for a more secure environment. Applications can be made available only for a specified time frame

Web Filtering

Easily enforces company AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) with carefully preselected categories and keyword filtering.

Encryption Management

Safetica offers Full Disc Encryption or encrypts whole partitions and creates local or network virtual drives for secure file storage. In addition to password and key access methods, Safetica offers secured Travel Disks and an “encrypt when copying out” feature for data leaving the Safe Area

Informative & Testing Mode

Helps companies progressively integrate data protection by enabling tests for all “what-if” situations without halting business processes

On the Fly Data Classification

Protects new information immediately after a classified file is created or received

Unified Management Console

Safetica Management Console enables one-stop security management and reporting, integrates all company data protection, reporting and blocking policies.

SSL/HTTPS Inspection

Checks and protect secured communication lines including websites using HTTPS protocol, IM applications with secured connections and secured email transmission.

Minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Frees users from the need to buy extra security appliances. The endpoint agents deployed in Safetica also provide Data Leak Prevention features for company networks..

how it works
How it works

The endpoint workstation is where the action happens. Users work with business critical data, access the internet, read emails, send documents to the printer and plug in their portable media. Safetica deploys an agent (Safetica Endpoint Client) to desired endpoints and maintains regular connection with them through the server (Safetica Management Service). This server builds a database of workstation activity and distributes new data protection policies and regulations to each workstation. 

Endpoint Events Coverage

• All file operations
• Long-term trends, short-term activity fluctuations
• Websites (all browsers supported including HTTPS traffic) –            active and inactive time
• E-mails & webmails (virtually all providers)
• Searched keywords (majority of engines supported, Windows        Search supported)
• Instant messaging (application independent – all protocols)
• Application usage with both active and inactive time
• Virtual, local & network printers • Screen activity (intelligent          capturing)
• Keylogging 

endpoint event coverage

Data Leak Prevention 

• All harddrives, USB, FireWire, SD/MMC/CF cards, SCSI drives
• Network file transfer (unsecured, secured)
• E-mails (SMTP, POP, IMAP, Microsoft Outlook/ MAPI protocols)
• SSL/HTTPS (all browsers & applications with standard certificate management) • Copy/paste, clipboard, drag & drop
• Virtual, local & network printers
• Bluetooth, IR/COM/parallel ports • CD/DVD/BluRay readers & recorders • Controls application file access.

  Use Cases

use cases
Securing key business information

Once safe areas for all protected data have been established, Safetica silently checks every interaction with these files and, in case of a forbidden operation, blocks it or performs other selected actions. These company defined actions can include informing security manager of each event, encrypting data, and offering other safe location for data. Data is protected on laptops and flashdrives even outside of the company walls.

Management of removable devices

Safetica gives management final control over who plugs what into company computers, removing another channel for data leaks and dramatically decreasing the number of required service interventions.

Reach Regulatory Compliance

With Safetica Endpoint Client present on company computers and policy management activated in the Safetica Management Console, you are able to comply with regulations governing the movement and usage of sensitive data.

Data Encryption

Safetica offers Full Disc Encryption, can oversee a secure encrypted file storage system, manage connected keys and prevent data from being stored in unsecure locations.

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