Protecting endpoints, and controlling access

Thycotic Endpoint Protection

Thycotic delivers a comprehensive security solution set to protect your most valuable information assets from cyber attacks and insider threats. Thycotic Secret Server, Privilege Manager, and Privileged Behavior Analytics solutions protect privileged accounts and enable organizations to enforce least privilege policies for business and administrative users, as well as control applications to reduce the attack surface without halting productivity. The solution helps organizations revoke everyday local administrator privileges from business users while seamlessly elevating privileges when required by trusted applications. Thycotic’s enterprise-class products are the fastest to deploy, easiest to use and most scalable privilege account management solutions.  

Preventative Security

Privilege Manager

Provides advanced security to implement and maintain least privilege best practices without hindering business productivity. Uses policy-based application controls for whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting for both domain- managed and non-domain endpoints.

Unix Protection

Unix Protection enables Secret Server administrators with two more powerful functions: Unix command whitelisting and SSH Key Management. Command
whitelisting ensures that admins are limited to a subset of SSH commands when launching a session through
Secret Server. SSH Key Management can protect and rotate SSH private/public keypairs, while updating public keys on corresponding endpoints when necessary. 

Security Analysis Solution

Identifies security configuration issues using Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) profiles, and remediates misconfigurations automatically.

Group Management Server

Empowers non-IT personnel to securely manage their department’s Active Directory groups without assigning them a privileged account.


Secret Server

Available in on-premises, cloud, and free editions.
Creates a fundamental security layer managed from a
single console to protect against cyber attacks that use
these privileged accounts to strike at the core of the

Password Reset Server

Provides simple, self-service password management to free up IT help desk staff from time-consuming and
inefficient processes, and enforces stronger end-user password controls.

Privileged Behavior Analytics

Privileged Behavior Analytics can help IT and Security
administrators quickly detect breaches before they
happen, analyze distribution of privileged accounts and
access across your organization, and add a layer of
security to your Secret Server deployment.

Simply Secure

Assures multiple layers of built-in security with easy
access management for IT admins, robust segregation
of role-based duties, and military-grade AES 256 bit

Highly Scalable

upports large-scale distributed environments, all major
OS, DB, apps, hypervisors, network devices, and security
appliances, for on-premise and cloud environments.

Protected Productivity

Enables seamless elevation of approved applications for
users while minimizing the risk of running unauthorized


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