SOPHOS XG firewall

XG Firewall is optimized for today’s business, delivering all the protection and
insights you need in a single, powerful appliance that’s easy to manage.

Security Features You Can't Get Anywhere

Advanced Threat Protection

An industry first, Synchronized Security links your endpoints and your firewall to enable unique insights and coordination. Security HeartbeatTM relays Endpoint health status and enables your firewall to immediately identify and respond to a compromised system on your network. 

layer-8 identity control

User identity takes enforcement to a whole new layer with our patented Layer-8 identity based policy technology enabling user level controls over applications, bandwidth and other network resources regardless of IP-address, location, network or device. It literally takes firewall policy to a whole new layer.

automated user risk reports

The Sophos User Threat Quotient (UTQ) indicator is a unique feature which provides actionable intelligence on user behavior. Our firewall correlates each user’s surfing habits and activity with advanced threat triggers and history to identify users with risk-prone behavior.

Flexible deployment, no compromise

Unlike our competitors whether you choose hardware, software, or virtual we don’t make you compromise – every
feature is available on every model and form- factor.

Network Protection

Next-gen Intrusion Prevention System

Provides advanced protection from all types of modern attacks. It goes beyond traditional server and network resources to protect users and apps on the network as well.

Security Heartbeat

Creates a link between your Sophos Cloud Endpoints and your Firewall to identify threats faster, simplify investigation and minimize impact from attacks. Easily incorporate Heartbeat status into firewall policies to automatically isolate compromised systems.

Advanced Threat Protection

Instant identification and immediate response to today’s most sophisticated attacks. Multi-layered protection identifies threats instantly and Security HeartbeatTM provides an emergency response.

Advanced VPN technologies

Adds unique and simple VPN technologies including our clientless HTML5 self-service portal that makes remote access incredibly simple or utilize our exclusive light-weight secure RED (Remote Ethernet Device) VPN technology.

Comprehensive Web Protection

Powerful user and group web policy

Provides enterprise-level Secure Web Gateway policy controls to easily manage sophisticated user and group web controls.

High performance transparent proxy

Optimized for top performance, our transparent proxy technology provides ultra-low latency inspection and HTTPS scanning of all traffic for threats and compliance.

Advanced Web Threat Protection

Backed by SophosLabs, our advanced engine provides the ultimate protection from today’s polymorphic and obfuscated web threats. Innovative techniques like JavaScript emulation, behavioral analysis, and origin reputation help keep your network safe.

Layer-8 Application Control and QoS

Enables user-aware visibility and control over thousands of applications with granular policy and traffic-shaping (QoS) options based on application category, risk, and other characteristics.

Email Protection

Integrated Message Transfer Agent

Ensures always-on business continuity for your email, allowing the firewall to automatically queue mail in the event servers become unavailable.

SPX Email Encryption

Unique to Sophos, SPX makes it easy to send encrypted email to anyone, even those without any kind of trust infrastructure using our patent-pending password-based encryption technology.

Live Anti-Spam

Provides protection from the latest spam campaigns, phishing attacks, and malicious attachments .

Data Loss Prevention

Policy based DLP can automatically trigger encryption or block/notify based on the presence of sensitive data in emails leaving the organization.

Self-serve Quarantine

Gives employees direct control over their spam quarantine, saving you time and effort.

Web Server Protection

Application Policy Templates

Pre-defined policy templates let you protect common applications like Microsoft Exchange Outlook Anywhere or SharePoint quickly and easily.

Protection from the latest hacks and attacks

With a variety of advanced protection technologies including URL and form hardening, deep-linking and directory traversal prevention, SQL injection and cross-site scripting protection, cookie signing and more.

Reverse proxy

With authentication options, SSL offloading, and server load balancing ensure maximum protection and performance for your servers being accessed from the internet.

Wireless Protection

Get secure and reliable wireless access all over the office

Simplify your wireless networking by using your Sophos XG Firewall as a wireless controller to centralize your Wi-Fi management and security. Sophos Wireless Protection is included in the Base Firewall license and for example, provides full hotspot support to simply set up guest and visitor access. 

Choose your Access Point

Our APs are built on the latest enterprise-class, high-speed wireless chipsets with custom designed antennas, added CPU and memory resources, and hardware accelerated encryption.

Hardware Appliances with integrated WiFi

All our XG Series desktop appliances are available with an integrated wireless access point. Coverage can be further extended by adding Sophos Access Points. Please see the Hardware section for further details.


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